Activities & Facilities

Put your spirit for adventure to the test, learn new skills, relax, or immerse yourself in local culture.

Spa setting with brown rolled towel, orchids and candles on wood. Relaxing spa concept with candles, towels and hot stones massage with himalayan pink salt. Beautiful composition for beauty treatment in a spa.
Sailing boats in the beautiful cuban beach of Varadero. A sailing ship transports tourists across the blue sea in good weather. tourist catamaran. eco transport
The asia man is bent pick the volleyball on sea sand have sea bokeh background in the beach at thailand
hansome man playing billiards alone in a big room
Clownfish or anemonefish (Amphiprioninae) from the Pomacentridae family swimming over a coral reef
Audience with hands raised at a music festival and lights streaming down from above the stage. Selective focus.

At Rihiveli Maldives Resort, make every moment count.

An island resort in the Maldives that provides more than simply sun, beach, and water! A resort full of surprises, exciting activities, ocean discoveries, exciting entertainment, and ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

We provide a wide range of activities and facilities, so that you can find something just for you, or to enjoy with your family and friends.

Exciting adventures, fun-filled excitement, relaxing days…

Investigate the lagoon. Set sail for a picnic on a secluded tropical island. On some of the world’s most gorgeous sands, challenge each other to beach games. Everyone will find something to their liking!